Pneumatic system has been designed for delivery trucks such as van, container, refrigerator van and passenger cars. We are the manufacturers of the system, which is based on our own designs and solutions. It does not interfere with the suspension nor the conditions of certifications of approval. The idea of the systems is to replace rubber buffers that work only under maximum load with air cusions. It is possible to regulate the pressure in the air cusions according to the load. The air cusions support the springs. The level of the rear suspension of fully loaded vehicle lowers, which may cause the following problems:

  • reduced pressure on front axle
  • poor steerability of vehicle
  • the car may go into a skid
  • longer braking distance
  • blinding other drivers with headlights
  • drawing policemen’s attention

The car with air cusions system keeps the balance regardless of the load. Advantages of the systems are:

  • increased stability, better shock absorption and steerability
  • low sensitivity for the side wind
  • better road grip
  • proper braking forces
  • eliminates road imperfections
  • eliminates blinding with headlights
  • lowers the risk of paying a ticket

The system is simple in use and assembly. The design is well worked out from a structural point of view and it is based on the original manufacturer’s structure. It increases driving comfort and safety.